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PCB i elkrafttekniskt material

PCB's in electrical power equipment

In the electric power-technical material has PCBs previously been used as additives in the oil. PCBs are electrically insulating and cannot burn. So it was formerly very popular. It is therefore in a wide range of industrial components such as transformers and capacitors.

PCBs in electrical power-technical material appears in:

  • Transformers
  • Capacitors
  • Cables with oil

PCB i olika komponenter
These dangerous chemicals have devastating consequences for the environment if they leak out. It is a problem for companies who therefore have to add expensive and time consuming resources on administration and logistics of the available depots and incineration plants.

Hazardous wastes of PCBs are globally dispersed but mostly in countries where the possibility of removal and disposal are inadequate or missing altogether. There arises a strong need to find ways to export the waste to incinerators and landfills that meet regulatory requirements for environmental safety. These plants are found primarily in Scandinavia and Western Europe.

Total Solution
STS offers a complete solution and will be happy to assume the administrative, license applications and contacts with international organizations and actors. We have an extensive network of contacts worldwide and long experience in export, logistics, shipping, and the acquisition of bank guarantees for the extensive export.

Environmental Certification
With proper management it can be environmentally damaging oil separated from components that in some cases can be reused. Businesses are at the end of treatment, an environmental certificate as proof that the hazardous waste is destroyed. I have a refund if you cannot supply this particular breitling replica sale. As it did say that you had it in stock. Or I would not order it. I was in hospital with hublot replica cancer. You must have banking details of payments? If you had sent me my watch last year I wouldn't be complaining. It isn't my fault is it. I paid in good replica watches.


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